Connectivity is up!

It needs a name. Actually, it needs to be motorized with control servos added so that I can get it to follow me around the house. <meep meep!>

Instead of the serial connections I was going to use as the primary connection between the offices, I found a few dual T1 cards that I want to use instead. Both will work exactly the same way however, the rj45 heads don’t stick out near as far as the serial connectors and, if I will eventually kick one so, I’ll the T1 cards instead. I am getting ‘deeper into the weeds’ with the netbox server we have at work. I really, really don’t want to admit it but, I like it. That being said though, one of the reasons for this entire project was to learn all things netbox so, once I get it setup here in the lab, I think it would be a lot of fun… well, entertaining, to learn to write code well enough to be able to develop some apps, or tools that we can feed netbox data too and see what comes out. Floor maps, cabling diagrams, etc…

DCIM baby… It’s all about the DCIM.