The Jiggs… up!

thejiggsproject, that is. Sorry, that’s about as creative as I feel at the moment. A little too much ‘do’ and not enough ‘think’ caused me to spent a whole lot more time getting this thing deployed than it should.

This server has a couple of different purposes. First, the last time I set up a webserver, of any sort was in 2003, maybe? and before that, the last time I had to content with anything related to Linux was with SCO Unix, a few years before that. So, to say I’m rusty would be true but, coupled with all of the knowledge not gained over the past 20 years by switching career fields and <poof!>, you have a lost Jiggs. So, what a better way to sort it all out than to build! Second, I am chasing some education in terms of application development. I have some ideas that I would like to see come to fruition. Unfortunately, just ‘conjuring’ shit up doesn’t exactly work yet and paying for someone else to figure it out (buying a retail product) well, just kinda sucks so, I get to learn.