I need a lab!

Here is what I am thinking. I have a whole mess of things that I want to try. I am not even going to try list them all in a single setting but, with all the ideas bouncing around in my head, a ‘real-time’ lab would be a nice have. So, between my old CCNA lab, a tacklebox full of raspberry pi’s, a box of cable, some heads and crimpers, I am pretty sure I can come up with something! I ordered a small 12U rack from Amazon earlier. It won’t be here for another week so, that will give me time to work out a topology and bang out enough cables to make it work. My only concern now are the serial cards I have in the routers. I did a lot of clean up last spring which included some old pc parts, extra cables, whatever… Anyway, I am not completely sure but, I may have tossed out the serial cables for these cards. If I did, it will come down to ordering dual t1 cards or new serial cables…. whichever is cheaper.